Tips to Create an Effective Logo for Your Brand

Tips to Create an Effective Logo for Your Brand

An organisations logo is a key piece of their identity as a brand. It is not only a visual representation of what your business stands for but can also inspire your target audience to tack action and ultimately build loyalty among your brand and customers. However, designing one that is both impressive and representative of your brand requires a tactical approach.

Here are few tips to help you out.

  • Understand your Competition

When starting work on a logo design concept, ensure to research your target market thoroughly. The clients will be able to provide some information about their competitors to get you started. Compare all the logos and then process by playing on familiar visual associations. However, bear in mind that many of the world’s most recognisable log designs stand out specifically because they eschew trends and think differently.

  • Focus on Simplicity

Keeping the logo simple is essential for the users to focus on and remember it. If you have a logo with too much detail it will be harder for both potential and existing customers to recognise it. Too many loud elements in the design can distract the viewer and take away from the core objective of the logo itself. So, keeping it simple is the key.

  • Colour is the Key

When taking the brands personality into account, you have to think about every aspect of the image. Bright and bold colours may grab attention, but could also seem impetuous, subdued tones convey sophistication, but can’t be overlooked. Every colour has a different implication and can break or make your message. Every colour has its own personality and should be used according to the concept of your brand.

  • Utilise the Negative Space

It is important to have a balanced combination of simple and quirky as you want your logo to be interesting. This can be done by utilising the negative space in a clever way. For instance, FedEx utilises negative space to create an arrow which connotes speed, precision and direction. Similarly, you too need to use the negative space in a clever way.

The above-mentioned are few of the tips to create an impressive logo design.